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If you grew up in Michigan’s UP then an Upper
Michigan sauna
was more than likely part of your life.
This is especially true in what is called the copper
country of the Western UP. Many of the original homes
in places like Trout Creek, Ontonagon and Calumet
had a
sauna built into the home or just adjacent to it.

In some homes there was neither a bathtub nor
shower. The family
sauna was the place where you
cleaned yourself up with a good sweat. It was
common when taking an
Upper Michigan sauna to get
a good sweat going then wash down with a bucket of
cold water. Some people would use the sweat of their
bodies to soap up prior to washing down.

Upper Michigan sauna is heated with a woodstove
that in many cases was built in the UP. A rock rack
was place on the top of the stove to hold the sauna
rocks that were used to generate radiant heat. Once
sauna reached its preferred temperature water
was ladled onto the rocks creating steam which raised
the felt heat further. Frequently a beer was consumed
during the sauna which increased the sweat.

Upper Michigan sauna were constructed with
Northern white cedar. White cedar has a great aroma
and is a great insulator. Benches were built along the
walls for people to sit on. In many cases there were
two levels of benches with the top one being the
hottest.  Many a
sauna neophyte has been told to sit
on the top bench because it was where it was the
coolest. It would not be long before they would be
headed to the door. The door of an
Upper Michigan
would also be made of cedar due to its light
weight and good insulating character. The doors
hinges would often be made of Oak.

Growing up with an
Upper Michigan sauna meant that
when you got a cold or were sore from working in the
woods you headed to the sauna for relief and healing.
Old folks with arthritis would use it to get relief from
their pain and to keep themselves flexible. It was an
excepted fact that a good
Upper Michigan sauna
would keep you healthy both physically and mentally
especially during the long winter.

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